Featured formats:

  • Instant enhancement for virtually any type of audio material
  • 3 different processing modes
  • Target parameter sets the relative frequency range.
  • Character parameter sets the amount of characterization.
  • 3 different meters: input level, output level, and amount of characterization.
  • Extremely simple to use
  • Patent-pending Noveltech IAF processing engine
  • Support for all major Plug-In formats on Mac and PC

Add presence, air and crispness to your recordings and mixes: No matter, if you want to beef up a drum sound, inject more crispness into a guitar track or enhance a full mix: CHARACTER™ instantly increases the definition of your recordings. The dynamic process automatically adjusts complex sets of parameters rather than only statically boosting e.g. one specific frequency region. This revolutionary approach will deliver you with great results in realtime, requiring only three intuitive user parameters to control the process!


Input gain

Cut/boost your input signal (-48db..+6db)

Output gain

Cut/Boost your output signal (-48db..+6db)


Amount of character signal beingadded to the boosted signal (0..100%)


The target scale from 0 to 100 does not represented absolute frequency. It representsthe relativeposition in the full frequency range of the iput signal at the current time instant.


Mode 1 is optimized for percurssive instruments and vocals.

Mode 2 is optimized for guitars and synths.

Mode 3 is optimized for bass guitar and pads

Input Clip/Output Clip

Red LEDs start too illuminate when input/output signals clip

Character Meter

Measures the amount of characterization


There are 17 presents build into the main window.

You can select them but not alter them You can store new presents via your host software easily though.


you can compare two different Character settings with the A/B switches.

Any changes you make will be stored automatically in the Settings you are using.


CHARACTER™ intelligently identifies and enhances the characteristics in audio material that are pleasing to the human ear. The Plug-In’s algorithm is based on Noveltech’s patented Intelligent Adaptive Filtering (IAF) technology: The processing affects both, the input material’s frequency response and its dynamic properties in a highly time-varying sense. This will deliver extremely natural-sounding results, not possible with conventional processors.

It might feel like it at times, but please keep in mind, that CHARACTER™ doesn’t perform magic or miracles: It can only emphasize characteristics that are present in your source material already.

System Requirements

• Computer with current Windows or Mac OS X equipped to Brainworx’ requirements for running Plugin-Alliance Plug-Ins

• Host software capable of running Native VST, AU, RTAS or other Plug-Ins such as Cubase, Logic, Nuendo, ProTools, etc. (complete list of supported formats at

• One license, to cover it all!


The Plug-In Alliance webshop is exclusively handling our salses and support. All technical support issues for our native products are handled by their support team


“Who cares how the vox sound like when you can go crazy with filters and make cool sounding edit bits on the stereo master file with this beast!:) Well, ok, i did use it all over the vox and other stuff on my album ‘Label This!’. Brilliant!”

VILLE VIRTANEN, Darude, Finland

Noveltech Character Tips and Hacks
Adding character to an Acoustic Bass Instrumetn using Noveltech Character
Plugin Sessions Ep. 11 (Noveltech Character)
Noveltech Character Tips and Hacks
Adding character to an Acoustic Bass Instrumetn using Noveltech Character
Plugin Sessions Ep. 11 (Noveltech Character)
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