Featured formats:

  • No listening fatigue
  • Clean: Crisp and natural sounding results without artefacts
  • Powerful: Much larger processing ranges than conventional Enhancers
  • Very easy-to-use
  • Pinpoint accuracy: Low and High filters with resonance allow for precise adjustment and accentuation of corner frequencies
  • Adaptive processing ensures instant gratification
  • Patent-pending Noveltech IAF processing engine

Get the vocal sound you always wanted.

Conventional Harmonic Exciters™ and Enhancers are capable tools when juicing up vocals – but they are equally infamous for their side effects. These range from listening fatigue to artefacts, the results often sound harsh and artificial. The Noveltech Vocal Enhancer now changes all that! It is based on the groundbreaking and patent-pending IAF technology that is also at the core of our renowned Character™ Plug-In.

Instant presence!

This process works radically different from any conventional technology you have worked with so far. The Vocal Enhancer not only gives your vocal recordings an unprecedented clarity and crispness without unwanted side effects, it is even capable of increasing your material’s perceived definition!
The IAF process boosts the material’s “desired” characteristics dynamically, instead of statically boosting certain frequency areas like an EQ – or artificially adding harmonics like a conventional Enhancer. As IAF constantly adapts to the source material, the processing results are way superior. And the sound remains natural, even when applying more than just a little. But don’t just take our word for it: hearing is believing!

User Interface Controls

User Interface Controls

Toggles between standard (off) and strong (on) processing modes. Standard setting should be off!

Focus Frequency
Sets the processing focus within the high and low filter settings. As Vocal Enhancer influences multiple frequencies, it is hard to label this with exact frequencies – have a look at the display for feedback on the ranges affected.

This sets the amount of the processing. Unlike with conventional methods, there won’t be any ear-fatigue so if it sounds good, it is good!

Display Section

Enhancement Meter
Meter displaying the amount of overall enhancement in realtime.

Enhancement Display
FFT display, showing the amount of processing over the frequency range from 1 kHz to 20 kHz in realtime.

Low/High Filter Borders & Resonance Parameters
These lines may be moved to narrow or widen the frequency range of the processed part of the signal. The dry signal will not be cut or affected by setting them. The exact settings are displayed below in the filter section.

Filter Section

Lo/Hi – Displays the set frequency from 1.0 kHz to 20 kHz.
Res – Displays the set resonance Q-value from 0 to 99.
12/24 dB/Oct – Toggles the steepness of the filters between 12 and 24 dB.

Preset Section

File – Opens File dialogue and manager
A/B – Selects between the volatile A/B settings

Meter Section

In – Indicates input levels with peak hold, the vertical triangle allows level
Out – Indicates output levels with peak hold, the vertical triangle allows level adjustments.
Gain Compensation – Displays amount of level reduction from top to bottom.
On – Engages automatic gain compensation when lit.

System Requirements

• Computer with current Windows or Mac OS X equipped to Brainworx’ requirements for running Plugin-Alliance Plug-Ins

• Host software capable of running Native VST, AU, RTAS or other Plug-Ins such as Cubase, Logic, Nuendo, ProTools, etc. (complete list of supported formats at www.plugin-alliance.com)

• One license, to cover it all!


The Plug-In Alliance webshop is exclusively handling our salses and support. All technical support issues for our native products are handled by their support team

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Alex Hayes

“Getting the lead vocal to cut above [a complete playback] can be a huge challenge! This is where the Vocal Enhancer really stood out for me. It brightens things up nicely without sounding harsh or over-the-top. The vocal really sits in the mix now, without me having to tear my hair out to achieve it. It’s an extremely simple, yet very useful plugin.”

ALEX ‘CORES’ HAYES, Producer/Engineer/Song Writer

Paul White

“With Vocal Enhancer in your corner, you should be able to get a great sound from just about any decent singer regardless of the microphone type. Alternatively, Vocal Enhancer and one good vocal microphone provides a viable alternative to a cupboard full of different vocal mics. The nearest thing to a ‘make it sound better’ button I’ve heard to date.”

PAUL WHITE, Editor SoundOnSound, UK

Bob Katz

I think The Vocal enhancer is an entirely new tool, in many cases better than a standard equalizer, to enhance the clarity and presence of vocals and help them in mixing, without making them sound harsh or edgy. Of course you can go too far with this as with any tool, but the palette allows for anything from subtle to aggressive”.

BOB KATZ, Digital Domain Mastering, USA

Dave Lockwood

“What I really love about Vocal Enhancer is the way you can’t quite work out what is being done to the signal. It doesn’t sound obviously compressed or EQed, it just sounds better than it did before. The ability to precisely tailor the processing range makes this a really versatile tool that’s actually good for a whole lot more than just vocals.”

DAVE LOCKWOOD, Publisher SoundOnSound, UK

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